A better path to being drug fee


It would appear that the opiate crisis can be read, heard, and watched at every turn. How is it that suddenly in this day and age of knowledge we, as a civilization, are plagued with such a life killing substance? For all intents and purposes, one could easily state that this just came about through various haphazard circumstances. Yet when one looks closer at the sequence of events there is a very different aspect to this “opioid crisis”.

Mind altering substances have been around man’s evolutionary line since the first hunter-gatherers. Over time…

Many years past, I was enslaved in the world of mind-altering substances. As a youth I was invincible, had a whole life ahead of me — why not have a bit of fun. Yes, the fun lasted for a while but soon became sorrow, pain, despair and close to final lights out. Thanks to some very caring people I was able to rise like the Phoenix. Since that time I have dedicated my hours to helping other in grip of illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications to find hope and guidance. …

Marc J. Bernard

Marc Bernard works as a professional addiction counselor. Author and specialist in human behavior; specializing in substance abuse. Drugaddiction.ca

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