Many years past, I was enslaved in the world of mind-altering substances. As a youth I was invincible, had a whole life ahead of me — why not have a bit of fun. Yes, the fun lasted for a while but soon became sorrow, pain, despair and close to final lights out. Thanks to some very caring people I was able to rise like the Phoenix. Since that time I have dedicated my hours to helping other in grip of illicit drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications to find hope and guidance. Through writing I discovered that this can change someone’s life, give them the hope of a better future.

In those early years it was so easy to find marijuana and hashish. Imported drugs was a new thing and law enforcement was just getting acquainted with the subject. It was not too difficult to find five bucks to pick up a nickle bag of Jamaican or Hawaiian weed. For ten bucks get a gram of Blond Nepalese, Cashmere and so many other names from such a variety of countries. Though one does get high, and can feel the effects of such substances, it wasn’t enough. Soon I was introduced to something very different, with its own effects, Mescaline.

Of course one might think that I was born in a poverty stricken family, etc. But this was not the case. I was born in a good family setting. Parents were happy and father had a good paying job to provide for his family. Mother was a stay at-home mom and took care of the household. Possibly, her illness may have something to do with my drug adventures. Watching another person suffer is way more difficult than suffering oneself. This action explains the goodness of mankind.

So the period of Mescaline soon moved into stronger drugs. Acid or LSD was one of them. This went on for some time and its odd but when your doing this kind of self-medicating you don’t really see the effects. Probably due to the blinding effects that drugs have on perceptions, etc. Safe to say that Psilocybin mushrooms were next on the list and onto cocaine, speed, etc. The point is that this was a whole lifetime ago. A period that lasted maybe ten years and through it all I knew there must be more to life than just the next fix.

Had I not been fortunate to have people who care enough to guide me out of it it, I am certain I would not be here to write this to you. I know there are millions of people out in our current society struggling to find a way out of the rabbit hole. I am here to let you know that YOU can break the cycle of addiction. YOU can be alive and happy and productive. You are worthy of help, you are important. I will write and it is my hope that my texts may inspire you to turn your life around even if in the smallest of ways.